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Unleash YOUR Potential

  • I offer 30 day Aura Master Class Coaching & Mentoring 

  • includes email support, weekly telephone call, & resources.

  • This is for people who are serious about changing their lives & reaching for their dreams.

  • I offer transformational spiritual coaching. 

  • People reach their potential -I cover Career, Personal Growth

  • As a spiritua life-coach, with 20 years of experience, I focus on helping

  • I use my ability to read Auras, so as you can identify hidden blockages & limiting beliefs. Analysis of the chakras will help you maintain your emotions & good health. 

  • As a spiritua life-coach, with 20 years of experience, I focus on helping people reach their potential - I cover Career, Personal Growth, Finance/Busines, Relationships & Spiritual Awakening. 

  • Everything in the universe vibrates. Atoms, electrons, and even our emotions vibrate at a specific frequency. As a result, the human body has an electromagnetic field. Scientist have developed Kirlian photography which can capture a photo of the human aura. 

    A small a mount of extra-sensitive people are able to use their skills to see the colours in the human aura. These special people tend to be intuitive people and are called clairsentient . They get information is through sensing and feeling the energies around them.

    Clairsentience, often referred to as “clear-feeling”, is the psychic ability to sense other people’s emotions. Clairsentience is considered an ESP ability because it allows the user to gather information without the use of the traditional five senses: touchhearingsmellsight, and taste.

    Work with me

    Here's how I can help

    I'm a naturally gifted Aura Reader

  • An Aura reading helps identify thoughts & emotions of a person. It helps identify overall improvements in life.

  • Analysis of each chakra can reveal both health & emotional issues. As an Aura reader I can suggest solutions.

  • Identify hidden limited beliefs.

  • Identify your hidden potential & skills, so as to achieve new goals.

  • Helps identify & heal ancestral trauma.

  • Help with intuitive advice on Business/Careers paths.

  • Free Resources

    See our latest posts about aura analysis & health. Various ailments can be detected thorough Aura analysis. This can help people avoid getting ill & help them maintain good health.

    Mental health & the human Aura

    Depression can be easily detected by analysis of the Aura. Dark black and grey colours appear around the head causing low moods. Blockages at the top of the head (GV20 acu-point) and blockages at the bridge of the nose (Ying Tang acu-point) can cause severe mental health problems.

    Spiritual Aura

    Purple is the colour associated with highly developed intuition. When coupled with blue, an individual can learn to solve problems using intuition. Aligning the heart chakra with the other chakra is essential for developing intuition connected to the higher self.

    Balancing the Chakras

    The chakras can become unbalanced easily. Anxiety, stress, & environmental factors can interfere with the flow of chi through the chakras. Learning to correct the flow is essential for maintaining good health.

    Client Testimonials

    "Ibrahim has given me an amazing amount of knowledge about my emotions & health using his unique gift. He identified by limiting beliefs & he empowered me with strategies to over-come them. His intuition is very strong - he seems to know me just by looking into my Aura. Thank you for all the help!"

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